By | November 18, 2016

Hello Neighbor is one of the most awesome, terrifying and scariest horror games that you will ever encounter. Developed by Tinybuild Games, Hello Neighbor has really drawn so much attention and has been downloaded by millions of players, even if it has not been so long since the day it has been released. It can be said that Hello Neighbor has a really intense gameplay that is enough to freeze your blood. And also, the graphics and the sound effects of the game have really been designed in the best possible way. In this sense, even if the Hello Neighbor is based on a single aim in the game, the intense gameplay of the game really meets the expectations of the players and offers a magnificent horror story.

Hello Neighbor is about sneaking into your neighbor’s house while he is inside, but we will come to the gameplay of it later. The story of the game is showed when it is first entered. The character you will manage in the game moves into his new house in a new neighborhood. Soon, he notices that his neighbor who is staying in the house that is across the street is a very strange man. He is sickly protective over his house and lets nobody inside, and he is not very friendly to trespassers. Anyway, our character finally decides to find out what he might be hiding in his house that is so important.

You will try to sneak into your neighbor’s house while he is inside, without trying to get caught by him. There are several objects that you can use. You start again when you get caught by him but there is something you should know. What makes Hello Neighbor this much popular is the AI that is developed in the best way and is very smarter than you might think. He learns from your moves, has a very powerful perception of surroundings and he can find where you are by listening to the voices you make. You will encounter a different house each time you try to break in, there will be several traps and the game gets more and more difficult every time you get caught by him.

It can be said that the graphics of the game are also very successful. The design of the environment, the lights that the objects reflect, the objects you can use and the unique shapes of some objects that look different than they normally are, really create a magnificent environment.

Anyway, downloading Hello Neighbor is also very easy. All you have to do in order to download Hello Neighbor pre-alpha or alpha 1 versions for free is submitting your email address to Tinybuild Games. You can submit your email on this page: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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