DAS PUPPEN SECRET | Hello Neighbor [UPDATE] | [Deutsch/German]

By | November 18, 2016

Hello Neighbor, which is one of the most terrifying, blood freezing and scariest horror games that has been ever developed. The game has been developed by Tinybuild Games and was released on December 22, 2016. Even if it has not been so long since the day Hello Neighbor was released, it has managed to capture interest with its intense gameplay, interesting story and surprise ending. It is known that this type of games in which you try to sneak into somewhere have not been so popular but Hello Neighbor has managed to create a mass of players in a very short time. Being this much successful, it seems like there will be more versions of Hello Neighbor.

Let’s start with the story of the game. The character that you will manage in the game moves into his new house in a new neighborhood. It is shown as cinematic at the beginning of the game. Then, he realizes that his neighbor whose house is across the street is a very strange man. He protects his house from everybody and lets no one in. Also, he is not very friendly to trespassers. Anyway, your character starts to wonder about him and finally decides to break into his house to find out what he might be hiding in his house that he is so protective over. But there is a problem. He never leaves the house so you will have to sneak into your neighbor’s house while he is inside. As you can guess, it is almost impossible.

The best part of the game is the AI, which has been designed in the best possible way by a very talented team that consists of very skillful developers. There are several objects that you can use and it can be said that the Hello Neighbor has a concept that is a combination of puzzle and horror. Anyway, you need to find out what he is hiding inside by distracting him. Everytime he catches you, you start again and you encounter a different house. He changes the places he sets traps on and learns from your behavior. So the game gets more and more difficult every time you get caught by him.

Tinybuild Games offers Hello Neighbor pre-alpha and Hello Neighbor alpha 1 versions for completely free. You need to submit your email to Tinybuild Games to receive a download link from them. It will take your minutes to download and start this terrifying adventure. You can reach the page that you will submit your email address to Tinybuild Games in from here: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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