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By | November 15, 2016

Hello Neighbor, which is a horror game that has been developed by Tinybuild Games. It was released on December 22, 2016, even if it has not been so long from the day it was released, the game has become very popular in a very short time. The story of the game, the intense gameplay and the awesome graphics of it has played a big role in the popularity of Hello Neighbor. The game is said to have a very smart AI that makes smart moves and outsmarts you during the game. Also, the game gets more and more difficult as you fail.

Hello Neighbor has an ordinary and short story. The character you manage in the game moves into a new house. He notices that he has a very mysterious, weird neighbor across the street. He starts to wonder about him because he seems to be sickly protective over his house. There are several traps around the house and also the house looks weird. Also, he is not friendly to trespassers. Anyway, your character can not stop himself trying to break into his house and the game starts. As you can guess, it will not be easy to find a way inside.

The gameplay of Hello Neighbor is known to be very intense that players encounter several scary and terrifying moments. Your mysterious neighbor learns from your movements and once he catches you and you start from all over again, he changes the places of the traps he set, like bear traps. Each time you get caught by him and start again, you will encounter a different order in the house. In this way, the game gets more and more difficult as you fail and it is really annoying.

By the way, the graphics of the game are designed in the best way. The environmental conditions, distance drawing, the visibility of other houses and long distances, reflection of lights are designed just great, of course, by a very talented developers team. Also, the sound effects and the music that plays while your neighbor chases you really scares you and feels like you are inside of the game.

Finally, the pre-alpha and alpha 1 versions of the Hello Neighbor are offered for completely free to everyone. You need to submit your email address to Tinybuild Games in order to receive an email from them which includes a download link. You can start downloading Hello Neighbor by going this page, in which you will submit your email address: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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