I Was So Wrong

By | November 14, 2016

Even if it has not been so long that the Hello Neighbor has been released but it has attracted so much attention with several features of it, which make it awesome. There already dozens of videos about Hello Neighbor that created by several YouTubers. It can be said that Hello Neighbor has really managed to draw so much attention and become very popular in a very short time after it has been released. The intense gameplay of it and the visual effects are the main factors that made Hello Neighbor this much popular in this short time. Also, the game has become famous for its high-level difficulty.

Hello Neighbor is about sneaking into your neighbor’s house. The story of the game starts with your character. Your character moves into his new house in a different neighborhood. He notices that his neighbor across the street is sickly protective over his house. He has set lots of traps around his garden and inside of his house. Your character starts to wonder about him and finally he can not stop himself trying to sneak into his house, while he is inside, as always. Every time you get caught by your mysterious sick neighbor, the game gets more and more difficult. It is really difficult to find out what he is hiding inside of his house.

The gameplay of Hello Neighbor is what has drawn the most attention. The AI that you will encounter in the game learns from your movements. That is what makes Hello Neighbor this much difficult. He sets traps on different places every time you try to get into the house and you encounter different locked doors all the time. He always changes his method and it seems almost impossible to outsmart him.  On the other hand, you too can use several household items trying to sneak into the house. For example, you can throw an apple on his window to distract him and get him out, then find a way inside.

Graphics of the game are also designed in the best way. The unique drawings of some objects really draw attention and create a different gaming experience. The lightings, visual effects, the reflection of lights are just great. Also, the music that is used in the Hello Neighbor is also chosen well. They are really scary enough to make you scream.

Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1 versions of Hello Neighbor game are offered for completely free to everyone by Tinybuild Games. All you need to do in order to download Hello Neighbor is submitting your email address to Tinybuild Games to get a download link. You can start downloading Hello Neighbor by clicking on this link which will lead you to the page you will submit your email in: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

One thought on “I Was So Wrong

  1. Joe

    Hello TinyBuild! I previously emailed you guys twice, trying to get a response. But I understand you are most likely very busy. My questions are regarding Hello Neighbor (of course!)

    A few concerns I had was is there a chance the graphical requirements for this game to be ran on a high setting decrease over the period of development? Cause it seems very graphic heavy when the game is not even in Beta.. Also, I had concern for what the story of the game would be like. Is it going to be rated a 17+ game? Or is the story going to be mild, and would be acceptable for a teen to play. (Not trying to fill my mind with junk, though!)

    So yeah, these are basically our concerns. Thank you!


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