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By | November 22, 2016

Hello Neighbor, which has been developed by Tinybuild Games not so long ago, is a game that has become very popular recent days. There are thousands of people who have downloaded and tried Hello Neighbor, even if it has not been so long since the day it was released, December 22, 2016. The most powerful reason for Hello Neighbor to have become this much popular in a very short time is undoubtedly its intense gameplay and its nail-biting story. Tinybuild Games has announced that the AI that is used in the game is one of the smartest AI that payers will encounter. Hello Neighbor also draws so much attention with its successful graphics and visual features.

First of all, the story of Hello Neighbor is short and interesting. The character you will manage in the Hello Neighbor moves into his new house in a new neighborhood. Not long after this, he notices that the man who lives in the house that is across the street is a very strange and suspicious man. He seems to be overprotective over his house and your character starts to wonder about him. He can not resist and finally decides to break into his house to find out what he might be hiding inside that he is sickly protective over.

You should know that the game has a very high difficulty level enough to make you crazy. Also, the AI in the game is really advanced that it has a perfect perception of surroundings. He can listen to the voices you make and easily find where you are. Most importantly, your neighbor learns from your behavior and sets traps that are based on environmental conditions. Each time you get caught by him and start from the beginning, you will encounter different traps in different places that you have been to. Also, there are several objects that you can use to distract him or create yourself a path.

The graphics of the game are very successful for such a small game. The lightings, visual effects, environmental conditions, sky and the other visual features are designed well. And when these graphical features and Hello Neighbor’s intense gameplay are combined with the terrifying music of the game, a very entertaining gaming experience emerges.

Finally, Tinybuild Games offers Hello Neighbor pre-alpha and alpha versions for completely free. All you need to do in order to download the Hello Neighbor is submitting your email address to Tinybuild Games. You can submit your email from this page:

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    Can you please give me a free alpfa of hello neighbor because on YouTube I all ways half to watch them play it


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