New Update – The Real Ending Discovered

By | November 24, 2016

Hello Neighbor is an awesome horror game series with an interesting story, addictive gameplay, and its game’s surprise endings. The first version of Hello Neighbor was released on December 22, 20016, by Tinybuild Games and it has made a name for itself just after it was released, in a very short time. It can be said that a horror story is offered with a funny and fantastical concept, with unique drawings of graphics and weird situations. And Tinybuild Games continue to develop new versions of Hello Neighbor, all of which are slightly more advanced than the previous one.

The story does not change in none of the versions. A young man who is the character that you will manage in the game moves into a new house. He observes that his neighbor who lives in the house that is across the street is an enigmatical man. Your character watches his neighbor with eagle eyes and curiosity gets the better of him. He decides to find out what he might be hiding inside that he is sickly so protective over, which made him set traps around the house. Since he never leaves his house, you have to break into his house while he is inside.

At this point, Hello Neighbor capitally offers a very intense, terrifying and gory gameplay. We will talk about the new update of Hello Neighbor, which is more advanced than the previous game. As you know, players had been able to use several objects around, to create a path inside. For example, it was possible to grab something and throw it to his windows to distract him. In this update, the objects that you can use are diversified. There are several more objects that you can use. Also, the AI, which your neighbor uses, is more advanced than the previous game. And also, it will be more difficult to run away from him.

The graphics of Hello Neighbor are known to be very quality, and this update is also more advanced in terms of graphics. There are several innovations in visual effects that players encounter while they are being chased by their neighbors. Screen gets darker and the vision is blurred. Also, there is a new, more scary music playing while you are running away from your neighbor.

As in the other previous versions, there is a surprise end in this version too and it can clearly be seen that there will be more secrets to unravel. Anyway, you can reach the page in which you will submit your email address to the Tinybuild Games from this link


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