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By | January 23, 2017

Hello Neighbor is an awesome horror game series that has an interesting story, intense gameplay, and its game’s surprise endings. The first version of Hello Neighbor was released on December 22, 20016, by Tinybuild Games and it has made a name for itself just after it was released, in a very short time. It can be said that a horror story is offered with a magnificent and fantastical concept, with different drawings of graphics and awkward situations. And Tinybuild Games will continue to develop new versions of Hello Neighbor, all of which are slightly more advanced than the previous one.

The story of Hello Neighbor never changes in any of the versions and it is shown at the beginning of each version. A young man who is your character that you will manage in Hello Neighbor moves into a new house. He realizes that his neighbor who lives in the house that is across the street is a very mysterious and strange man. Your character watches his neighbor and curiosity gets the better of him. He decides to get inside his house to find out what he might be hiding inside that he is sickly so protective over, which made him set traps around the house. He never leaves his house and you will have to sneak into his house by outsmarting him.

The AI in the game is very advanced that it has a magnificent perception of surroundings. He can find where you are by listening to the voices you make and sets traps by using the environmental conditions and your behaviors. You will see a different house each time you try and it means that the Hello Neighbor is a game that gets more and more difficult as you fail. What’s more, there are several objects that you can use and several puzzles to solve. It can be said that the game is a mix of horror, strategy and puzzle.

Hello Neighbor is also very successful in terms of graphics. Lightings are just great that you can see reflected lights very well. Shadows, distance drawing, and other visual effects are also designed in the best possible way. Environmental scenes are also very successful that you may feel you are inside of the game.

Anyway, both Hello Neighbor pre-alpha and alpha 1 versions are offered for completely free to anyone by Tinybuild Games. All you need to do in order to get a download link from Tinybuild games is submitting your email address to them. Also, you can buy an early access for future updates. Anyway, you can reach the page on which you will send your email address to Tinybuild Games from this link: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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