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By | January 20, 2017

Hello Neighbor has been developed by Tinybuild Games, as a very successful horror game. Thousands of people suddenly have started to play the game and it may really be one of the most terrifying horror games that you will ever play. With its story, intense gameplay and advanced graphics, Hello Neighbor seems to have managed to attract so much attention all over the world. The web is filled with several videos about the Hello Neighbor game in which several different people show the way they finish the game. Also, it can be said that the surprise ending of each version of Hello Neighbor is really annoying.

Hello Neighbor has a single story which never changes in any of the Hello Neighbor versions. This story is shown at the beginning of each version. The character you will manage moves into his new house. He realizes that he has a very strange and mysterious neighbor who lives in the house that is across the street. He looks very uneasy and seems to hide something in his basement. Your character decides to break into his house and find out what he is keeping as a secret that he is very protective over. The game starts at this point.

The game teaches you how to control your character and grab things around at the beginning. You are asked to do a few things which all are actions that you will use while trying to sneak into your neighbor’s house. Anyway, there are several objects that you can use to distract him or unblock things. The Tinybuild Games claims that the AI that players will encounter in the game is one of the most advanced ones that they will play against. He sets traps according to environmental conditions and most importantly, he learns from your previous actions and changes the places of the traps he set. So The game gets more and more difficult every time you try. Also, you will see that the items you need to use in order to pass a part in the game are displaced.

Anyway, the game satisfies the expectations in terms of gameplay and it can also be said that the graphics of the game are very quality too. They seem to be worked hard on for such a small game that has just a single aim. Apart from these, you can use several different Hello Neighbor hacks like god mod to find out what is actually there in the basement, by getting through walls.

You can download Hello Neighbor pre-alpha and alpha 1 versions for free. All you need to do is submitting your email address to Tinybuild Games, then you will receive an email that includes the download link. You can submit your information on this page: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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