Hello Neighbor Ending

By | February 6, 2017

Hello Neighbor is undoubtedly one of the most successful, exciting and scariest horror games which have been developed by Tinybuild Games. This small but legendary game was released on December 22, 2016, and even if it is not so long, the game has been downloaded by thousands of people. It basically offers a horror story with an intense gameplay that will freeze your blood with a very advanced AI and terrifying music. Hello Neighbor has been found successful in both terms of graphics and gameplay and managed to reach a considerable amount of players all over the world.

It can be said that the graphics of the game have been designed in the best way possible. You will find yourself in a cartoon-like world with unique drawings of shapes. Also, lightings, especially the lights that are reflected on metal surfaces, shadows, distance drawing and other visual effects really satisfies the expectations.

The company continues to develop new versions of Hello Neighbor but the story remains the same in each one. The skinny character that you will manage in the game moves into a new house in a new neighborhood and he has a very strange neighbor across the street. He is a very mysterious and uneasy man and he seems to hide something inside his house. The game is based on sneaking into his house while he is inside without getting caught by him.

The gameplay of Hello Neighbor is really intense that it will scare the life out of you. The AI in the game is so advanced that it learns from players behavior and sets traps accordingly. In this case, the game gets more and more difficult each time you try. You will encounter different conditions in the same house and you lose all the items you have when you get caught by your neighbor. Apart from these, the music that is used in the game is also very terrifying.

There are different endings in each version of Hello Neighbor and it will really annoy you when you see it. The Hello Neighbor pre-alpha and alpha 1 versions are available for anyone for free. To download Hello Neighbor pre-alpha and alpha 1 versions, you need to submit your email address to Tinybuild Games. You will receive an email from Tinybuild Games in which the download link is included. You can reach the page on which you will submit your information and email address to Tinybuild Games directly from this link: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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