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By | February 3, 2017

Hello Neighbor is an exciting game about breaking into your neighbor’s house when the owner is inside. Hello Neighbor was released on December 22, 2016, and even if it is not so long after it was first released, the internet is filled with videos about it which are prepared by several different players, in which they show different paths the follow or different ways of playing. Anyway, it goes without saying that the graphics of the game are very successful. And most importantly, you will face a very advanced AI and it will not be easy as you might think.

First of all, Hello Neighbor has a story, which is shown at the beginning of each version of it. A man, who is your character that you will run in the game, moves into his new house in a new different neighborhood. Soon, he discerns that his neighbor who lives in the house across the street is a very strange and weird man. He is not very friendly and seems to have a secret that he is hiding in his house, which he is sickly protective over. Anyway, your character decides to break into his house and find out what he is hiding in is a house.

The story is simple but you should know that it will not be easy at all since the game has one of the most advanced AI that players will ever face. He can set traps by using both environmental changes and your behaviors. He learns from your previous actions and changes the places of the traps. So every time you lose, you will encounter different conditions and situations, and the items that you have to use are displaced. It means that the game gets more and more difficult each time you try.

Anyway, the graphics of the game are very successful for such a small game. The lightings are just great, you will be amazed to see the lights that are reflected in the best way. Shadows, distance drawing and several other visual effects, especially the visual effects you will see while you are running away from your neighbor, are designed in the best way. Also, when these are combined with the terrifying music of the game, the game really scares you.

Allright, Tinybuild Games offers Hello Neighbor pre-alpha and alpha 1 versions for completely free to anyone. All you need to download these versions for free is submitting your email address to them, in order to get a download link. You can reach the page on which you will submit your email address: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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