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By | December 4, 2016

Hello Neighbor is one of the most terrifying games that players have ever met. It has been a couple of months since the Hello Neighbor released the game but the game has managed to reach a considerable amount of people all over the world. It is played by thousands of people all over the world and a new video about Hello Neighbor is created day by day. Hello Neighbor owes this popularity to its intense gameplay and interesting story. Even if all the versions of the game are finished in at least 30 minutes, it can obviously be seen that it is worth it.

The story of Hello Neighbor is always the same since there is one purpose. And this story is shown in each version when you first enter the game. The character you will manage in the game moves into his new house. You are given some tasks to do in order to learn the game. The list ends with saying hello to your neighbor but you soon realize that your neighbor is not very friendly. Your character starts to wonder about him. He seems to be sickly protective over his house. And finally, your character decides to get inside and find out his secrets.

Of course, you will do this when he is inside. You have to sneak into the house without getting caught. You start the game from the beginning each time you fail and most importantly, since an AI that learns from players’ behavior is used in the game, Hello Neighbor is a game that gets more and more difficult every time a player fails. The traps are displaced and you will encounter a different house each time you try. Also, there are several objects around that you can use. You can break his windows to distract him and you will need to do several things to open a lock by using several different objects.

A player has created a Minecraft mod of the Hello Neighbor alpha 2 version. Everything is same in this version and also, your neighbor talk to himself with a Russian accent. It looks very fun to play Hello Neighbor with Minecraft graphics and the same gameplay.

Anyway, to download the Hello Neighbor pre-alpha and alpha 1 versions which are offered for completely free by Tinybuild Games, all you need to do is submitting your email address. Then, you will receive an email from Tinybuild Games which includes the download link. You can submit your email address from this page

: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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