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Developed by Tinybuild games and released on December 22, 2016, Hello Neighbor has really become very popular recent days, even if has not been too long from the day it has been released. The game attracts notice with its intense gameplay that offers players a significant horror game story with extremely suitable music and its interesting story. It really is one of the most terrifying and exciting horror games ever. Also, the graphics of the game are so quality that players really feels like they are inside the game.

The story of Hello Neighbor is showed when you first enter the game. The character you manage moves into his new house in a new neighborhood. But there is a man who is protecting his house suspiciously across the street. His house looks more different than the houses around. Your character finally decides to break into his house to reveal his secrets that he is so protected over. But it has to be said that the game is really difficult and most importantly, it learns from your actions.

The AI in the game, as mentioned in the official site of the game, is really smart. As I said, the game is based on learning and each time you start the game when you fail, you will encounter different things in the house. The traps that your mysterious neighbor sets like bear traps or the doors he locks with a chair always changes. So the game gets more and more difficult each time you get caught to him. The game also seems like a puzzle game, since there are some specific things you need to do. There are several objects that you can use from flashlight to chairs, apples, keys, lights, even the trash bins. You need to distract him in order to make him displace and get into the basement, which he has locked by using timbers that he nailed on the door, an electronic code and a padlock.

Anyway, the ending of the game is not so satisfying that you will see nothing when the game is finished. So it is more fun to try to solve the mysteries than to have solved it. In this sense, Hello Neighbor really meets the expectations.

Finally, Hello Neighbor pre-alpha and the alpha 1 versions are offered for completely free by Tinybuild Games. You can download the game from the page that you have received the link of in an email that is sent by Tinybuild Games after you have submitted your email address to them. You can directly reach the download page from this link: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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