Hello Neighbor New Update

By | March 27, 2017

As a terrifying puzzle-like horror game, Hello Neighbor offers you a very tense horror story with an intense gameplay. The game has been developed by Tinybuild games and it has not been too long since the day it was released. Hello Neighbor has managed to capture interest with the advanced AI that is very hard to outsmart. Using several objects and creating your own unique way inside each time you try, you will encounter very tense moments in Hello Neighbor, feeling yourself as if you are inside the game.

The game is based on a single story in each version of Hello Neighbor that is shown at the beginning of the game. A young man, the character you will be managing in the game, moves into his new house. He realizes that his middle-aged neighbor who lives in the house that is across the street is a very mysterious man with an ill humor. He seems to hide something in his house as a secret, a secret that he has locked in his basement. Your character is the one who is to sneak into this strange neighbor’s house to find out what he might be hiding in his basement that he is sickly protecting.

To get to the point of the Hello Neighbor game, the gameplay of this successful game is what should be talked about. You will really face an AI that will make you crazy while you are trying to get inside of the house. In your first try, you will encounter some locked doors and since you need to distract him to lure him to somewhere you want, you can use several objects to throw at both your neighbor and windows to break them. When you get caught by your neighbor, you start from the beginning and you will see that some traps are displaced and there are even more traps on the areas that you have been in. Anyway, the game gets harder and harder at each time you try. In the Hello Neighbor’s new update, the AI is even more advanced.

It can be said that the horror factors in the game will really stretch you and you will really be scared while you are running away from your neighbor, hearing the terrifying music that plays background. Apart from this, the graphics of the game are really successful. Lightings are designed in the best way that the lights that are reflected on metal surfaces are very realistic.

Finally, you can download Hello Neighbor from the link that you will receive in an email from Tinybuild Games after you have submitted your email address to them. Here is the page that you will submit your info: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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