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By | January 13, 2017

Hello Neighbor, which has been developed by Tinybuild Games, is one of the most successful, terrifying and the scariest horror games that you will ever play. The game was released on December 22, 2016, which is not so long ago. Even if it has not been too long, there are already thousands of people who have downloaded the game. It is for sure that Hello Neighbor deserves this much interest since it has a very intense gameplay that frightened players’ pants off and its very quality graphics.

First of all, Hello Neighbor has a single story, which is shown at the beginning of each version of it. A man, who is the character that you will manage in the game, moves into a new house in a new different neighborhood. Soon, he realizes that his neighbor who lives in the house which is across the street is a very strange and rude man. He is not friendly and seems to hide something in his house, which he is sickly protective over. Anyway, your character decides to get inside and find out what he is hiding in is a house.

Your strange neighbor never leaves his house, so you will have to break into his house while he is inside. You are shown how to play, how to control your character, grab things and throw them at the beginning. And you need to find your own path inside the house. Apart from this, you have to start from the beginning each time you get caught by him and since the AI in the game is very advanced, it will be more and more difficult to get inside each time. He learns from your previous actions and sets more traps on the areas that you have been to. What’s more, you can hide in closets and break his windows by throwing objects on them in order to distract him and make him displace.

Anyway, the graphics that are designed by a very skillful developer team are also very successful. The lights that objects reflect, lightings, shadows, distance drawing and visual effects are designed in the best way. Environmental conditions are also a very quality that you will feel as if you are the one who is running away from his neighbor’s house.

Hello Neighbor pre-alpha and alpha 1 versions are offered for completely free to anyone by Tinybuild Games. You need to submit your email address to them in order to receive an email that includes the download link. You can reach the page in which you will submit your email address from this link: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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