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By | November 12, 2016

Hello Neighbor is another exciting game about sneaking into a house when the owner is inside. The game has been released on December 22, 2016, and even if it has not been so long after it has first released, the internet is filled with videos about it which are prepared by several different players, in which they show different ways of hiding or different ways of playing. Anyway, it goes without saying that the graphics of the game is a unique part of the game. It has more details than you might think. Even the environment designers feel like you are just in there, with the consolidation of the sound effects. Also, the game offers several objects to use and it means that there are several ways to reach a point in the game since it seems like a simulation game.

The graphics of the game, as I said, are designed in the best way. There is a very skillful team behind the graphics of the game. The lightings are just great and you can even see the other houses and even the mountains in details as if you are there. The unique way that the shapes are reflected is also another awesome thing about the graphics of the Hello Neighbor. You will feel like living in a cartoon movie as a character that is living a certain story. There are the options of adjustments of some graphical features, which are all very detailed.

Anyway, the gameplay of the game is already very advanced in the pre-alpha and the alpha 1 versions of the game, which are offered for completely free to everyone. But in the alpha 3 version of the game, you will encounter several innovations that made the game much more detailed. The AI in the game is especially very advanced and he can use several objects around to stop and catch you. Even if you are slightly faster than your neighbor in the latest version of the game, it is much more difficult not to get caught by him, since he is smarter than he was in the previous versions of Hello Neighbor. He also uses the environmental conditions against you by setting up smarter traps.

The pre-alpha and alpha 1 versions of Hello Neighbor are offered for completely free. You need to submit your email address to Tinybuild games to receive an email from them in which they send you the download link of Hello Neighbor. You can also buy an early alpha access for Hello Neighbor. You can reach the submitting page directly from this link:


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