Hello Neighbor For Xbox 360

By | March 13, 2017

Had been developed by Tinybuild Games, Hello Neighbor has become one of the most played horror games that players have ever met. First of all, Hello Neighbor has drew so much attention for several reasons. As Tinybuild Games claims, the game has one of the most smartest I that players will ever see and it can be said that, it actually is. Hello Neighbor is a game that gets more and more difficult every time you try and in this case, it can be said that each experience will be unique. Also, the game has been developed with the Unreal Engine with extremely quality graphics.

First of all, I want to briefly talk about the short story of Hello Neighbor. A young man who is the character that you will manage in the game moves into his new house. He has a neighbor who lives across the street. He realizes that his neighbor is a very strange and mysterious man. He always look uneasy and seems to hide some secrets in his house. Anyway, your character decides to break into his house to find out what he might be hiding in his house that he is sickly protecting. The game starts at this point and as you can guess, since he never leaves his house, you will have to do it when he is inside.

Hello Neighbor game offers countless possibilities in the game. Because you have to start from the beginning when you get caught by your scary neighbor and since the AI in the game which has been developed in the best possible way learns from your previous actions and adapts to your play style, the game gets more and more difficult every time you try and each try will be unique. Also, your neighbor has a very powerful perception of surroundings and he can predict your upcoming movements.

The graphics and the music of the game are what completes this awesome game, which can be considered in horror, adventure and puzzle categories at the same time. The lightings, shadows and the design of the environment are just great. It is possible to feel like you are inside the game and you are the one who is running away from his neighbor.

Finally, Tinybuild Games offers Hello Neighbor pre-alpha and the alpha 1 versions for completely free to anyone. You can download both of them in minutes. All you need to do in order to download Hello Neighbor is to submit your email address to Tinybuild Games. Then you can download the game by using the link that you have received from Tinybuild Games. You can submit your email address on this page: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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