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By | January 2, 2017

Hello Neighbor, which is a game that is developed by Tinybuild Games, has drawn so much attention. There are several videos about Hello Neighbor on the web and there are a considerable amount of people who are playing this game. It has not been so long but the Hello Neighbor has really managed to influence people only with its trailer. Anyway, it can be said that a very skillful team which consists of very talented developers have created this game and it has been really successful. With extremely tense gameplay, advanced graphics and visual effects and the gameplay of the game, you too will like Hello Neighbor for sure.

The graphics of the game are really worth talking about. The lighting effects are specially designed in such a way that is very quality. The dynamics around and the physics rules are also created a very good gaming experience. Also, the skins and patterns that are used in the game create a fantastic image during the game, which confuses your mind. The motion effects like motion blur are also very successful. It can be said that the way the visual effects, graphics are reflected is perfect.

The extremely tense gameplay of Hello Neighbor as Tinybuild Games says is what excites players. The story of the game starts with your character who has moved his new house. There is a strange man living in the house in front. And your character starts wondering what might his neighbor hide in his house that he is protecting with wooden walls. Your character decides to sneak into his house and find it out for himself. Anyway, you manage this character with W, A, S, D buttons and it can be said that the controls are very easy. You pick objects with F button, drop or throw them with right mouse button. To use some objects, you can press E or left mouse button. Anyway, you are faced with a very smart AI and your job will not be easy. You will have to set traps and immediately hide in a closet.

Anyway, the pre-alpha and alpha 1 demo versions of the game are available for Windows only yet. But the Tinybuild Games announced that the last game will be able to be played on Mac. Anyway, the Hello Neighbor is offered for completely free.You can submit your email address to Tinybuild Games in order to get a download link. You can reach the download page directly from this link: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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