Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 Download

By | March 6, 2017

Hello Neighbor, a bright new horror game that offers players a very exciting adventure. Hello Neighbor released on 22 of December 2016, which is not so long ago, and it has attracted so much attention. The most powerful reason for Hello Neighbor to become this much popular in a very short time like this is undoubtedly the horror story and the intense gameplay it offers to players. You will encounter several different puzzles in a house to get into the basement to find out what your neighbor might be hiding there. In this sense, the course of events in the game are limited to this but even if the Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 version is not available yet, the game already has become very famous.

There is an unchanging story in Hello Neighbor, which is the core of the game. You can watch it at the beginning of the game. To put it briefly, the character you will manage in the game moves into his new house in a different neighborhood. He realizes that he has a very strange and mysterious neighbor that lives in the house across the street. He is not very friendly and looks very uneasy. He seems to hide some secrets in his house. Anyway, your goal in the game is sneaking into your neighbor’s house while he is inside to find out what his secrets are.

The game draws an image of a mix of adventure, horror, and puzzle at the same time. You will have to do a lot of things to be able to get inside without getting caught by your scary neighbor. You will have to start from the beginning each time you get caught by him and you will realize that the AI in the game which has been developed in the best possible way is so advanced that your neighbor learns from your previous actions and changes his method to prevent you from getting inside. Also, he has a magnificent perception of surroundings, he can hear you, track the voices you make and predict your upcoming actions. So the game gets more and more difficult each time you try.

Anyway, only the Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha and the Alpha 1 demo versions are available for free download yet. You can get an early access for Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 to support the development. You can download pre-alpha and alpha 1 demo versions for free by submitting your email address to Tinybuild Games. You will receive the download link after minutes. You can submit your email address from this page: http://eepurl.com/chbmGH

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